Saturday, June 30, 2007

Issues from the day

Evaluation questions at As/A2- how are they assessed ? can they be answered collectively by the group or must each student answer them separately ?

There must be evidence that they have been answered separately, even if they are all on the same blog, e.g. by signed posts

How do we mark electronic evaluation in an individualised fashion ?

each person's contribution needs to be clear (as above)

Need to make sure that the representation issues addressed in the Unit 2 paper are not dependent upon prior knowledge of the programme

will be done by question paper committee

How far will this question vary in wording ?

a bit but only in the representation part of the qn e.g. one year it might say 'of gender' another year 'of social class'

When is the first exam going to be ? jan or June 09 ?

Jan 09 for AS unit 2

how are the A2 construction marks to be divided up between the tasks ?

40 for main task and 20 for subsidiary tasks; planning and evaluation marks remain holistic

Need to consider whether found material can be allowed under particular circumstances ?

working on a wording to allow minimal use of this

Could there be two questions per topic for section B of Unit 4?

There will be

Recap of how to set up your own blog will appear here later in the week !

As I find the answers to these questions I'll post them here !

If you have any useful ideas on anything for the new spec- e-mail them to me and I'll put them on the blog

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